Panama Hats are special, delicate pieces, which require special care and love in order to keep them for a lifetime.

Special care: Do not expose your hat into rain or other contact with water.Toquilla straw absorbs water like a sponge and when dried out it may leave a stain and the straw in a weak condition. In case your hat gets wet let the hat dry naturally on a flat surface.

Handling: Do NOT fold! If you prefer your hat’s original and perfect shape it is best to avoid folding or rolling it.

Fine Panama hats are known for their capability to be rolled up to carry it around in a box. Without wishing to contradict the legend, it is however advisable not to over-use the pliability, especially in a dry climate.

Handle your hat softly. It should not be pressed by heavy objects in any way.

Reshaping your Hat: Place a white soft cloth on the hat and iron using low heat. You can also use steam for reshaping your hat by hand.

To reshape the brim let it rest on a flat surface with a heavy object pressing it (like a book) for a day or two.

Stains and Dirt: Remove dirt with a dry cloth. Use mild soap with a damp cloth only for resistant stains.

Traveling: Pack your hat upside down in the center of your suitcase (preferably on a carry-on) with layers of scarves, socks and knits around them and filling the crown to help protect the shape. Unpack it as soon as you arrive to destination.

Storing: Store your hat in a room with regular conditions, not too dry neither too humid. The best way to rest your hat when not in use is upside down on its crown. This prevents the brim from damaging. Do not leave your hat exposed to the sun in the back of your car, next to a window or in any other closed atmosphere.

Panama Hats need a little humidity to maintain the straw in good conditions and if you leave the hat in a warm area with no ventilation then the straws of your hat may dry up and turn breakable with time.