Finding your perfect size

A hat’s perfect fit is an entirely personal choice.

There is no standard fit for a hat; it just has to feel comfortable when you wear it.  Whatever feels right for you is the perfect size.

Not sure what you are looking for? We suggest you choose a hat that’s not so tight it hurts; neither so loose that the wind blows it away. When in doubt we suggest to pick the bigger size and add a foam hat filler (shop it here)

Not all styles fit the same, some factors such as the shape of the hat or the material will influence it. All of our hats are handmade so sizes vary slightly between styles. Please refer to the special notes on each product page to confirm sizing variations.

G.VITERI Hats - Size Chart





55-56 cm

21.7-22.1 in


57-58 cm

22.5-22.9 in


59-60 cm

23.3-23.7 in

X Large

61-62 cm

24.1-24.4 in

How to measure your head

To calculate your hat size you need to measure your head, positioning a tape measure where you would like your hat to rest.

Measurement should be taken approximately ½ cm above the ear, across the mid-forehead, completely circling the head.

In the measurement table, place yourself at the nearest whole centimeter, and if your measurement falls between centimeters, it is recommended to round up.