Where are Authentic "Panama Hats" from?

Authentic “Panama hats” are only made, and always have been in Ecuador, not in Panama as many would think.

Between the 19th and early 20th century the Ecuadorian toquilla straw hat started its journey to the Gulf of Panama before sailing for final destinations. Hence, the name, “Panama hat” was born as a result of confusion between the name of their point of international sale rather than their place of domestic origin.

How do I know my Hat Size?

A hat’s perfect fit is an entirely personal choice. There is no standard fit for a hat; it just has to feel comfortable when you wear it.

Click here for a complete Size Chart and Measurement Instructions.

Can I roll/fold my Toquilla Straw Hat?

If you prefer your hat’s original and perfect shape it is best to avoid folding or rolling it. Your Panama hat is very flexible and can be rolled up for traveling, but it should not be stored in a folded or rolled position.

Fine Panama hats are known for their capability to be rolled up to carry it around in a small box. Without wishing to contradict the legend, it is however advisable not to over-use the pliability, especially in a dry climate.

Handle your hat softly. It should not be pressed by heavy objects in any way.

Click here for more Care Instructions.

Can I expose my Toquilla Straw Hat to rain/water?

Do NOT expose your hat into rain or other contact with water.

Toquilla straw absorbs water like a sponge and when dried out it may leave the straw in weak condition, shrink or lose its original shape.

In case your hat gets wet let the hat dry naturally on a flat surface.

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Can I roll/fold my Felt Hat?


Felt Hats can be rolled/folded to fit in your bag or luggage, and are perfect for travelling worry-free.

Once you unfold the Felt Hat just reshape it with your hands.

Can I expose my Felt Hat to rain/water?

Felt Hats are perfect for keeping you covered and chic on rainy days.

Do not soak them/wash them as they are water resistant, not water proof.

Are G.VITERI Hats unisex?

Yes, most of our hats are unisex.

G.VITERI does not divide its products into Women/Men categories. We prefer to let our customers freely decide what they like without a gender tag on it.

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